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Regrets … I’ve had a few this year

an old post card

I don’t understand those people who say “I don’t regret anything because everything I ever did got me here.”

 What if “here” could be better, were it not for some of the stuff you did or didn’t do? For example:

Top 10 Things I regret from 2011

  1. Not using all those coupons that I’ve been carrying around that expired Dec. 31st.
  2. Kim Yong Il, I hardly knew ye. But now that you’re gone, looks like you were hilarious and I wish I had learned more about you or at least followed you on Twitter.
  3. The Groupon haircut at an obviously way-too-trendy-for-me salon that had/has me looking like an aging elf.
  4. Signing papers that mean my house is sold, because now apparently I have to get all my stuff out of here and find somewhere else to put it.
  5. Accumulating so much stuff. On a related note, using “Hoarders” as a compass as to how much stuff is normal.
  6. Worrying the whole time my daughter was travelling.  She’s home safely, but there is no coming back for my perma-furrowed brow and irritated bowel.
  7. Every second spent spying on my children just looking at pictures on Facebook. I vow to stop doing that this year.
  8. Turning down the offer to join Seal Team 6 early last year, because the practices conflicted with my Zumba schedule.
  9. That time I forgot my sports bra and went to Zumba anyway. Again –  no coming back from that.
  10. Most of the time I spent online…. yes, I’m looking at you Perez Hilton.

Lets hope 2012 has way fewer regrets.  According to the Mayan calendar I got in my stocking, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be racking up my top 2012 regrets on Jan. 1st 2013. 

To steal a line from numerous Facebook friends of my children this morning – “Happy New Year, Bitches”.

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